Städtepartnerschaftsverein Schönebeck (Elbe) e.V.

Partnerschaft mit Schönebeck (Elbe) / Partnership with Schönebeck (Elbe)

Our goals: That's what we have ...


The city partnership Schönebeck (Elbe) e.V. has decided to support existing partnerships with the city of Schönebeck / Elbe and to initiate and maintain new friendships and relationships with other cities in cooperation with the city administration Schönebeck. Here, the focus is on cultural and personal exchange.

The goal of signing the "Letter of Intend" between the city of Trakai (Lithuania) and the city of Schönebeck / Elbe (Germany) has been achieved on 25.11.2017.

Our activities...


At today's general meeting (10.04.2018) a new version of our statutes was adopted. In addition, a new board was elected: 

Markus Baudisch, Chairman, 
Wolfgang Fuchs, 1st Vice Chairman, 
Michael Schulz, 2nd Vice Chairman, 
Susanne Weckner, Treasurer, 
Christian Meinel, secretary, 
Hans-Peter Wannewitz, assessor, 
Peter Rauschenbach, assessor.

Our thanks go to the current board, in particular to the former chairman Helmut Huppertz, who did not run again for the board.

The new board has decided to continue the previous successful work and to align the future activities even better strategically with regard to the development of the town twinning Schönebecks and our association. The delegation trip to Trakai (Trakų rajono savivaldybė - Trakai district municipality), which is scheduled for the end of May, and the invitation Trakaier Bürger to Schönebeck, which is scheduled for autumn, are facing great challenges, but close cooperation with Garbsen is also to be continued with the already traditional activities. With the town of Farmers Branch, major activities are planned for 2020 at the latest and the cooperation with our Turkish partner city Söke (Söke Belediyesi) should be deepened again.


For a short visit Romualdas Rudzys stayed in Schönebeck. The co-signer of the Lithuanian Declaration of Independence is in the process of setting up a town twinning association in Trakai, so that the cooperation with Schönebeck can be further deepened at the level of the citizens. At a joint dinner attended by our Mayor Bert Knoblauch many topics could be discussed, from the planned trip of a delegation from Schönebeck to Trakai in May to similarities and differences in the financing of municipal tasks in Lithuania and Germany.


At the New Year's reception of the CDU Saxony-Anhalt, we were able to hold important talks, for For example, with the Minister of Finance André Schröder MdL and the Member of the European Parliament Sven Schulze, who agreed to participate as a speaker in our planned Trakai project (with Trakų rajono savivaldybė - Trakai district municipality) in the summer.

On Saturday, March 17, 2018, a delegation from the Town Twinning Association from Garbsen visited
the town twinning association Schönebeck to explore possible closer relations between the two cities.
On the Garbsener side Gudrun and Dieter Roggenkamp, ​​Helmut Busjahn, Günther Koch and
Jens Göttner part. The Schönebecker Verein was represented by Helmut Huppertz, Wolfgang Fuchs and Christian Meinel.
The main focus of this joint meeting was on the issue of citizenship and, as a result, closer cooperation between the twinning twinning associations.
In the consultation, it became clear that both clubs seek a closer citizen and club exchange and not just leave it at meetings for official occasions. Meeting lives through the personal exchange.
From Schönebecker side a provisional annual planning over cultural events in the city Schönebeck was handed over to the friends from Garbsen. Here also some program points have been taken up in which the "Garbsener" want to participate such. the Three Bridge Run, the Operetta Summer and the Bierer Berg Fest.
The constructive discussion between the two board members resulted in various starting points for a lively exchange of both cities by and for the citizens. Thus, the idea arose by a mutual multivisional presentation to introduce the history of the respective city interested citizens in the other city.
Likewise, both boards are interested in getting in touch with local clubs of the respective city in order to provide support in the merger of similar clubs. So it is possible to promote various events such as reading or sports competitions but also the cultural exchange. Many new approaches brought the three-hour consultation of both clubs for future cooperation. And so it was agreed to continue this lively and intensive exchange and to meet each year twice a year to fill the partnership between Garbsen and Schönebeck to life. The next meeting of both boards is scheduled for October 20, 2018 in Garbsen.